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What is a Hair Conditioner?

The term "hair conditioner" has so many meanings. Conditioners belong in differerent categories according to what your hair needs. I have listed five types of hair conditioners below that manifests different results to your hair depending on what your hair needs.

Five Major Categories for Conditioners

Rinse-Out: Smoothes and Coats Cuticles (also called Detangler or Cream rinse) Good for all hair types including extensions. Most detanglers have a low ph of 2.5 to 3.5 and they close the cuticles cause tangling. They coat the hair shaft with polymers and work instantly...usually 1-5 minutes.

Glosses: For all hair types and is "Cosmetic", meaning it does not condition the hair but makes it prettier. It's a silicone derivative for all types of hair including extensions. For the most part glosses are cosmetic and most contain dimethicone or cyclomethicone which are very light oils derived from silicone. Used in small amounts they lie flat against the hair, and do an excellent job of reflecting light. They are also one of the best products to control frizz because of their ability to flatten down the cuticle, temporarily.

Moisturizers: For coarse hair or to add "Moisture". for dry, chemically damaged, and extensions. This is a concentrated cream product that contains humectants which are compounds that attract and hold moisture into the hair. The only time someone with fine hair would need this type conditioner is after a chemical service or if wearing extensions and natural oils cant go to the ends of the hair.

Reconstructor: For chemically damaged hair and considered the best of both worlds. They normally contain protein and some moisture. Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin Protein is the source most often found in Reconstructor because it contains all of the 19 amino acids found in hair. Human Hair Keratin Protein has a low molecular weight, and is very tiny which enables it to penetrate pass the cuticle layer deep into the cortex of the hair shaft...where most of the damage lies. It's main purpose is to strengthen the protein chains that make the hair strong and stable.

Thermal Protectors: Leave-in Conditioners used to protect hair from heat and external damage. These do two things really well: detangle and protect the hair against the damaging effects of blow dryer heat, heated irons and the sun. a special Heat Absorbing Polymer is normally put in the product that helps to distribute heat from heated styling aids, thus your hair does not become heat damaged.

Choose a Salon Brand Reconstructor, Hydrator or EFA and alternate them every other shampoo:

1. Reconstructor (re-build)

2. Hydrator (moisture)

3. EFA (oil treatment)


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